World Market: Your Go to Resource for Outdoor Spaces

Hey friends! Spring has sprung (in most parts of the country anyway!) and at this time of year I turn my attention to my outdoor areas.  We spend most of our time outside when the weather is cooperative, playing sports, reading and relaxing, soaking up some sun, firing up the grill, you know the usual! Because our backyard outdoor space…

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Want in on my Favorite Homemaking Secrets for 2016?

Howdy friends! I am just back from a family vacation, the end of the school year countdown is on, and summer activities are upon us. I don’t know about you but I start getting a tad bit stressed right about now! Luckily over the past few years I have found resource full of homemaking secrets! But first let me ask…

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Disney Cruise Planning: What to Do and What Not to Do | http://smarthappyorganized.com | cruise planning

Disney Cruise Planning: What to Do and What Not to Do

Hello my friends! I’m just back from a family vacation on a Disney Cruise! It was a fabulous time! Now I’m here to tell you about our Disney Cruise Planning and some of our To Dos’ and Not to Do’s. Let me be honest I am still swirling in my seat and have some jet lag, but I’m getting it…

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What Motivates You To Stay Organized (or not)? | www.smarthappyorganized.com

What Motivates You To Stay Organized (or not)?

As you go through your normal daily chore list and maybe add one or two extra organizing chores such as organizing the tupperware lids (again) or organizing your bathroom counter (again), do you ever wonder what motivates you to stay organized? Why do you enjoy organizing certain areas but dread others?  Or, why are you not motivated to be organized…

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How to Motivate Your Man to Help Clean and Organize | http://www.smarthappyorganized.com | motivating husband, motivating boyfirend to clean and organize

How to Motivate Your Man to Help Clean and Organize

It’s no secret that many men hear the words, “Honey we need to get the house cleaned up today,” and they miraculously come up with errands to run or a workout they need to finish.  My husband, as good as he is, is famous for this.  Some men may want to be involved in the cleaning or organizing process of…

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What’s Enough Work: Are You Working Too Much? | http://www.smarthappyorganized.com | work life balance, time management, budgeting, working too much, family time

What’s Enough Work: Are You Working Too Much?

We have made it to the third post in this series about ENOUGH! It’s time to talk about, “What’s enough work?” This question will have a different meaning for all of us. Since some of us work from home, work at a physical location, or work as a stay at home mom or wife. But the questions still resonate with…

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Creating Your Weekly Email Marketing Plan Part 1: Do's & Dont's | http://smarthappyorganized.com | email marketing, marketing, what are the do's and dont's, getting started with weekly email marketing

Creating Your Weekly Email Marketing Plan Part 1: Do’s & Dont’s

The more I learn about marketing for my professional organizing business and DIY blog, the more I am convinced I need a a weekly email marketing plan and healthy and growing email list of loyal followers. In today’s online society this equivalent to word of mouth on the streets and much much more. Your email audience, the people that have…

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What's Enough Money? How to Make 2016 Your "Make It" Year | http://smarthappyorganized.com | money, business income, balancing family and hours at work

What’s Enough Money? How to Make 2016 Your “Make It” Year

Let’s talk about money shall we? What’s enough money? How much money would it take for you to be happy, or to do the things you want and need to do for your family? What would you trade in your life to have more money? Time away from family?

Being Organized Doesn't Mean Being Perfect | http://smarthappyorganized.com | organized | perfection

Being Organized Doesn’t Mean Being Perfect

Perfectly Organized Being a professional organizer sometimes comes with high expectations from others.  I don’t mean the quality of my work – I mean the perception people tend to have that I live in a “perfectly organized world”. It’s funny to watch people come to my home and look around with eyes wide open, looking to see how a professional…

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Spring Space Refresh: Small Changes, Big Impact | www.smarthappyorganized.com | home decor | spring decor | curtains, mirror, lamps, tiebacks

Spring Space Refresh: Small Changes, Big Impact

Hey friends, I know have talked a lot about how I regularly switch things up just to give spaces a little facelift or freshness.  Here are a few things I have done recently for a spring space refresh that have made a big difference without much effort or money!

How to Find Enough Time for the Most Important Areas of Your Life? | www.smarthappyorganized.com | family time | spouse time | quiet time| fitness time

How to Find Enough Time for Each Area of Your Life?

Hi friends! I am so happy at the big response I have received from my “ENOUGH” Series! It seems like we all have this in common! We are all asking…What is enough? Specifically in this post we are trying to figure out: What is enough time? (Family time, Quiet time, Work time, Spouse time)